Breakthrough & beyond.

Only talk when you have something worth saying. Sage advice and in turn the same should apply to the written word. Call it writers block if you like. I’ve simply had very little I’ve wanted to share in the past few months and have been in somewhat of a contented limbo (thanks to Luce for […]

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My Love.

My love knows no end. It has no limitations, no peak. My love is caring and real. My love is not confused. My love doesn’t see race or colour or creed and can’t hate by its very nature. I understand my love without pause or question. My love is deep and meaningful. My love can’t […]

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The silence is cold and hard like nothing, like emptiness. The creaking fence and distant rumble of a freight train brings relief. An interruption to my solitude, An interruption to my thoughts, An interruption to the moment, so brief though, so very brief. I sit in that silence waiting for something, anything, to break the […]

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Every fool thinks it’s just him that aches with lost love Every dreamer thought that she was the one Every minute without you has been harder than torture But I’m stronger with each passing day.   Every memory comes but not dread I am feeling Every moment I see but smiles replace dark Every thing […]

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The true value of friendship can sometimes come to the fore when the chips are down. I have plenty of friends but I have a small circle of close friends. When I say close friends I mean those people in my life that would take a call from me at 3am and get in the […]

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Dealing with the blips

When I started this blog I was at a point in my life that I hope I will never return to, but in truth it’s impossible to know if I can always out manoeuvre the tricky speed demons of severe depression. Triggers will come and go and of course 6 months after the trigger of […]

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